Stephanie Perry | Events & Special Projects

IMG 9139Much to my chagrin at the time, I’ve been on and around job sites since I was a kid- the consequence of being an architect’s daughter perhaps. My brother, sister and I passed the time on Saturday and Sunday mornings by playing hide and seek in newly-framed houses and picking out which bedroom would be ours. The smell of sawdust and fresh paint still invoke very vivid memories.

At some point between then and now, touring houses and job sites stopped being a chore and instead became a privilege. I learned to appreciate the delicate balance of beauty and function- the adorable, special details of a house that make it someone’s home. If there’s one thing to take away from those childhood house tours, it’s knowing there is no small detail to be overlooked.

As the most junior member of the A. Perry team, I relish the opportunity to bring a fresh eye to old projects, whether it’s an event invite or an accounting task, in addition to working next to and learning from the most talented and intelligent home builders in the North Shore.

If I’m not working for the family, I like to play soccer, tutor math and science, bake key lime cupcakes, and play terribly imperfect ukulele.