Construction Process

Our custom dream homes are known for their craftsmanship, minimal maintenance and longevity. Our process ensures each new home lives up to the standards we have set for the residential home builder industry.


Co-Construct Communication

At A. Perry Homes we believe in constantly improving our technology, process and client experience. In order to give every client an exceptional new home experience, we utilize Co-Construct- a communication tool that provides every client an up-to-date selection sheet, budget, schedule, job site photos, and much more.  All of this information is available from an app on your phone, tablet, or from your desktop. We are the only luxury home builder in Chicagoland to use this tool, and our clients appreciate the greater control and comfort.



Every design is bid with multiple subcontractors and vendors to ensure competitive pricing. We scrutinize each line item and compare to years of archival costs. We break down each by unit costs to compare to past projects and current pricing trends. Our team provides multiple value engineering alternatives to give options for our clients to reduce project costs. Our unique unit pricing strategy requires each subcontractor to hold their original unit price for extras, reducing the stress of inflated extra costs typical with other builders.


We enjoy a great relationship with all building departments due to our reputation for integrity, quality and thoroughness. The permit process runs simultaneous with bidding and seldom delays the start of construction. As licensed architects, we can quickly revise our drawings to address requests by code officials, avoiding the delays normally associated with other home builders.

Ground Breaking
Every home we build begins with a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate you and your family's dream home. Our clients often invite family and friends to be a part of this special day. With A. Perry hard hats and golden shovels, you get to have the first dig. Because every home we design is unique, customized to you, we toast to the beginning of your new life. 

While building your new custom home, your project manager will update you on progress, collect selection choices and ensure a smooth and fun experience. Whether it is attending shopping events or gathering samples for you, we will provide the level of service you need. Our superintendents and project architects confirm adherence to our design intent and quality standards. Each project is visited regularly by multiple staff to offer additional checks and balances. Project architects will offer design opportunities that appear occasionally. If any issues arise, architects can provide quality solutions without disrupting timing or project costs. Project schedules are updated regularly, and paperwork flows smoothly because it is easy to understand and make decisions. You will always be confident of finish date, final price and quality of your home. We hold regular update meetings with every client to facilitate good communication.

Each step of the process is designed to move the project forward with good communication. Our goal is a stress-free, engaging process that gives our clients confidence that they will love their dream home for multiple generations.