Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime WarrantyWe are the only builder that offers a Lifetime Warranty. We believe that building a new home should be a dream experience from the ground-breaking ceremony to the very last paint stroke. Every moment should be exciting and cherished. But after your warranty expires, what then? Who is there to caulk the joints? Who will check that the carbon monoxide, smoke detectors and sump pumps are operating efficiently? 

A. Perry Homes clients lead busy lives. Work schedules, vacations and children's activities can take precedence over proper and timely home maintenance. To solve this problem, we have created our Lifetime Warranty program, a comprehensive process performed by construction professionals.

The service provides our clients with:

  • Peace of mind, comfort and security for your family
  • Proactive, biannual maintenance ensuring proper home operation
  • Everything is included in our comprehensive home warranty program from the front door handle to the dishwasher

Our warranty program ensures that your A. Perry Home will indeed last a lifetime.

A. Perry Home

Home Maintenance and Small Projects

Our maintenance program makes ownership worry free and improves the performance of your home.  Our group of expert maintenance tradesmen can take care of your “Honey Do” list.  We review 100 checklist items to ensure that your home is serviced and properly attended to.  We can also provide some extra needed attention to get ready for that special event coming up in your life.