Lucian Farcas

Lucian Farcas A. Perry

Lucian was born in Romania and immigrated to the States when he was 7 years old. He grew up on the Northside of Chicago and at 15 started learning rough and finish carpentry. Lucian enjoyed working with his hands, starting and completing projects.

After school, he became a building engineer on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago maintaining rental buildings across campus. There were constant renovation and repairs. It was extremely valuable to learn about the systems, infrastructure, and finishes of a home hands-on. After several years Lucian began working for a well-respected property management company. He grew with the company as they ventured into purchasing multi-family properties. With the growing market, he assisted the firm in creating a new construction division that was immediately successful. From there he started his own firm developing single-family housing throughout the city. Lucian loved interacting with the contractors and homeowners, ensuring that the construction process was as pleasant as can be.

Although every construction process has its challenges, Lucian enjoys tirelessly working to make the client’s experience as stressless as possible. “It brings me happiness to be able to share my 30 years experience in construction & customer relations to assist sellers in their next move.” – Lucian