Introducing… Our Lifetime Warranty

What is the price of peace of mind?

In a very successful marketing campaign, Mastercard uses a formula to describe the purchase of everyday things and then some wonderful intangible benefit as priceless. It is effective because it places a high value on the things that matter most to the people- the precious moments and times in life which are invaluable and intangible.

Many builders offer pretty much the same thing. Most can supply a well-built home that reflects proper building procedures and follows the generally accepted methods of construction. However, most buyers who purchase a new home do it for the comfort of knowing that it will likely have less maintenance or worries than an older home. They believe that since the home comes with a warranty, they are protected. They purchase new for the “priceless” benefits.

In order to ensure a new home will have these priceless benefits, check with a builder’s past clients from years back to see how well the builder has responded to their concerns. One other method is to examine the builder’s capabilities for warranty work. Do they offer extended warranties, maintenance programs or emergency service work? Does the builder have the capabilities to serve you when you need them the most?

A. Perry Homes has always offered these services. In fact, we recently announced our Lifetime Warranty program. Everything is covered from the front door handle to the dishwasher. We developed a proactive maintenance program that handles all of the management and details of what, when and how to maintain your home. We handle it all. And, if mother nature delivers a major storm event, our emergency response team will handle whatever issue you may have. All part of the excellent service our clients have come to expect with our homes

Our clients have busy lives, and very few have the expertise to know that the caulk for every home should be inspected annually. Or that dryer vents are one of the major sources of fires and should be cleaned out to the exterior of the home every six months. We have compiled a detailed list of everything you need to keep your home operating efficiently and safely. Our maintenance team handles these tasks, ensuring your home will last. That is why we offer our Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind to enjoy the invaluable moments of life.

Baldwin Stonegate Front entry door handle     $270.00
Bosch 800 series Dishwasher                                $925.00
Peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty                 Priceless