Eric Diakonow | Project Manager

Erik Diakonow

My first memorable gift as a child was a toolbox that I received when I was five years old. Unfortunately for my grandmother, it was quickly used to disassemble her dining room chairs. From as long as I can remember, I have loved tinkering with things and drawing. Even if something wasn’t broken, my creative tendency was always to “fix” it to be better—from toys as a child, to bikes and cars as a teenager, and now homes as an adult. That is where my passion for home improvement was born.

Out of high school I served in the U.S. Air Force’s Space Command Division, where I specialized in space surveillance and missile warning systems. There I learned the value of teamwork, discipline, and strict attention to detail. My curiosity eventually led me back to school, where I earned a degree in Marketing. I was intrigued with not only the creative aspect, but also the sales side, particularly understanding how and why people choose one path over another.

Leveraging my marketing degree, I began working alongside a team of local real estate developers. We renovated small apartment buildings, filled them with tenants, and sold them as turnkey income-generating investments. As the market heated up, we realized those same properties could be better optimized as condominiums. Ultimately, we converted multi-unit buildings to 400+ unit condo developments where I managed both the sales centers and construction crews.

My experience in residential renovation led to work with a national private equity investment firm that purchased and rented single family homes. I managed their Chicago market with 275+ homes, working with brokers to find properties that met portfolio criteria, assessing construction needs, managing the renovation process and crews, and subsequent tenant turnover. Once the portfolio was diversified across the country, I took a position with a local contractor (the same team that I worked with when I first started in real estate), assessing properties, estimating repairs, conducting initial inspections and managing crews. Wanting to expand into a different market with a broadened scope of work, I joined A. Perry Homes in 2020 to not only maximize the value of their homes, but to create a home they love to live in.

In my spare time I love to drive my wife crazy by spontaneously and simultaneously starting new home improvement projects. I also love the outdoors, adventure, and travel.