Drew Niermann | Project Superintendent

Drew Niermann, Project Superintendent

I've always been interested in building things. Growing up it was Legos, tree forts, and elaborate sand castles. While attending the University of Illinois for my engineering degree, I worked a couple of summers for a remodeling company. This was my first experience working on homes and I was hooked. I loved the hands-on aspect and seeing the physical result of my hard work. After graduation, I worked for a small custom builder where I was involved with every aspect of the business. I really enjoyed interacting with the clients and turning their visions into reality.

Since that time I've had the opportunity to build and remodel hundreds of homes. My approach is always very thoughtful, to get the finished details right takes a lot of coordination. It's very gratifying to finish a home and have the client delighted months and years later.

My wife and I live in Oak Park, in a home that I have been continually improving for over 25 years. We've raised our 4 children and 3 dogs there. While I always have a new project going on in the house, I also enjoy camping, cooking, exercising, and reading.