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Northbrook, IL is a family-friendly town with low crime rates and excellent public school systems. It is only a short drive to Chicago and offers its residents great indoor and outdoor activities. This vibrant city is filled with unique shopping experiences, top-tier restaurants, and streets named after the pioneers and settlers who once resided there.

A Perry Homes has been in the business of bringing dream homes to life. Whether creating something new or improving an existing home, our passion is to learn, understand, and use a family's dreams as inspiration for every project we do. We’ve helped homeowners in Northbrook create the perfect home and are so excited to help you with your next project. 

You can trust us to bring your vision to life. Our clients choose us for a reason. “A++ Amazing on all fronts! The Perry family could not be more family or community-focused! They are so incredible and their work is simply the best! I have consulted with them on several home projects and they have always exceeded expectations.” - Former Client 
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