Custom Home Builders Creating Special Entryways

A home’s first impression is very important. It impacts curb appeal, overall aesthetics, value, and livability. The entryway sets the tone for the floor plan of a home by defining the portal by which one experiences a space or view.

A simple tip that is often overlooked by most home builders near me that can enhance any entry experience, is to consider recessing the entry. This is done by setting the entry in a frame that is recessed from the wall that defines it. This motif can be used for front doors, bedroom entries, or any space that you wish to give special significance or add a touch of extra security. 

Architectural Designs and Home Builds

At A. Perry Homes, we are architects North Shore Chicago with years of experience and often set doorways into cased openings that are set back from the wall about 12-18 inches. This allows enough room to terminate the trim details properly, creates significance to the doorway, and creates a visual barrier that reduces the chance of accidental or intentional access by an unauthorized user. 

Reflect on occasions when you have traveled and stayed in hotels. Think about the hallways and what sets apart a fancy hotel from a bargain chain.

The difference is clear in the hallways that lead to the rooms. One is plain - two parallel walls filled with doors and clutter (fire extinguishers, wall sconces, light switches, and so on). The other has set back doors giving each room a sense of privacy and luxury. 

The sketches below show the differences between standard entry and the preferred recessed option.


Much like the experience at a luxury hotel, a well designed recessed entry can give the guest a sense that they are entering a truly special environment. Once past the entry, we discuss the various options for the balance of privacy versus openness of the foyer. Most of our clients seek open floor plans but wish to maintain some privacy from front door visitors. We can achieve this through strategic placement of stairs, closets, arched or cased openings. We can vary the size and orientation depending on the desired result.

On occasion we include a unique floor treatment to create a special touch. Borders, herringbone fields, and insets are just some of the ways we can create a special sense for the Foyer. Often in more formal foyers, we use wainscoting, trimmed arches or crown moulding. In less formal foyers, we include built in benches onsets so guests can take off their shoes or grab an umbrella.

One of the entry details we are known for is our cloak rooms. Essentially, it is a vestibule just off of the foyer that contains a closet (sometimes a bench as well). It reduces the awkwardness of having guests take their coats off near the door and making the foyer congested. Often the cloakroom is located next to the formal Powder room. It is a logical choice since it helps give the powder room some privacy from the foyer. This design strategy solves many typical design problems and really adds to the entry experience for our clients and their guests.

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