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I’ve never been one for blogs. In their best light, they often seem to be self-serving, outright self-promotion, or factually inaccurate at their worst. So what has changed? A worldwide pandemic, that is what has changed. Please allow me to explain. 

In the months we have been isolating, we have all craved accurate information, the information we can rely upon. Too many times, “experts” are wrong or push their own agenda. In my search for reliable information, I have discovered the best way to uncover good information is to find someone who is a true expert who taps resources with opposing and similar views that also are experts in their field to provide real information on the host of new topics that we will need in our new world. People need someone who knows how to ask good questions, challenge beliefs, ask for supporting information, and disseminate the vetted material, thoughts, or concepts. This just got real, and it is important for thought leaders like ourselves to step up and share their knowledge. 

It is not easy, it requires effort. My promise to you is that we will work hard to provide you the most accurate, reliable, and useful information we can provide on the topics we consider to be timely and crucial to you and your family. If you are someone who is seeking reliable information on buying, selling, designing, building, remodeling your home or you want to learn more about healthy homes, multigenerational living, home trends, new products, etc we are here. Please follow our blog and on social media to learn more about you can live your best life, at home and navigating your way through this new world. Welcome to our blog and stay safe.