10 Design Ideas to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

Master Bedroom Design is one of the areas that we find ourselves spending a lot of time developing. The following 10 design tools are helpful in creating a Master Bedroom space that is welcoming and special.

Determine the Bed Wall - The first critical step in laying out a bedroom plan is to determine which wall the bed will be on. 

Have fun with the ceilings - A master bedroom is a perfect space to play with ceiling shapes and heights. Vaulted, trey, coffered ceilings, decorative beams, and trim are all options that draw the eye skyward to add a special detail to a social space. 

Built-ins - Custom built-ins help increase storage space in your home. They can make a room feel more versatile and functional. You can do a number of different built-in concepts from bookshelves, closets, and wet bars, there is no limit on what you can do. They offer a stylish and creative way to mix up the entire layout of your bedroom.  

Lighting - sconces - Wall lights are a good way to add style that functions to your bedroom. You can install them wherever you want by hardwiring them for a cleaner look or just plugging them in. Choose lights that complement the style and finish of your room. You can choose a modern sconce, wall lamps, and bedside lamps to add dimension and design to highlight different areas of your bedroom. Adding wall sconces by the bed can free up your nightstands and streamline the entire look of your bedroom. Lighting can accentuate different aspects and architectural pieces of the room.  

Wall trim & paneling - Paneling was originally used for adding insulation, but now is more aimed towards creating a decorative element that provides dimension and texture to your walls. There are many ways to incorporate paneling and achieve the character you desire in your bedroom. Accent walls add something special to your bedroom. It creates a custom and beautiful look. You can add crown molding to bridge the gap between the wall and ceiling as well. Wall trim can help add width, depth, and height to your bedroom. You can frame your floors, doors, windows, and walkways.

Color - When choosing your color for your bedroom consider the elements of color you already have in the room from lighting, rugs, bedding, flooring, etc. Before committing to paint color, purchase a small sample and ensure it lines up with the vision in your head and looks good at all times of the day.   

Add a fireplace, balcony, or seating area - Your bedroom should be your place to retreat at the end of the day. By adding a cozy nook to sit, a fireplace, or a balcony you transform a plain space into a cozy retreat. Whether you want to enjoy the views from your balcony, sit fireside at the end of the day, or just relax, having an element like this in your sleeping quarters provides style and architectural detail that enhances any room. 

Windows and skylights - Fall asleep looking up at the stars, wake up gradually with the sun, or put up beautiful draping curtains to keep your room dark. Skylights and windows open up a room and add natural light. Allow fresh air into your bedroom and keep it from feeling stuffy with windows. Your bedroom will feel lighter, more open, and larger with natural light.

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