Client Services

During our 30+ years in business building custom homes in the north shore, we have accumulated many valuable resources to help the creation of your dream home become a reality. We are happy to provide free building site analysis to make sure the site you are looking at will fit your new home or remodel needs. We have helped dozens of clients acquire vacant land or a tear down home through off-market transactions. 

We have assisted in the acquisition of construction loans, home equity lines, remodel loans, and mezzanine financing. We can ensure that you find the perfect home inspector for the property you are looking to remodel. We can help you with repairs to your current home to help prepare your home for sale. If you are looking to purchase a large tract of land, our experience as land developers allows us to help previous clients with land entitlements, legal counsel and real estate attorney referrals, title services, and civil engineer resources. We can assist in finding the perfect interior designer to help you through the selections process and provide you every imaginable specialty vendor. We know the best place for whatever product you’re looking for and can provide just about anything you would need to ensure an exceptional, personalized experience.