People often ask me why I give so much effort in making things “just right.” Inside of me, there is a desire to create something that is far better than what could have been imagined. Sometimes it manifests itself in the finished product, sometimes in the process of creating it. Designing and building a client’s dream home for is more than the finished product.

The key question to ask your builder before making the largest financial and emotional investment in your family’s happiness is simple. “What did you use to do?”

Did you hear? Make It Better voted A. Perry Homes as the best Best Architect/Builder!

What is the price of peace of mind?

In a very successful marketing campaign, Mastercard uses a formula to describe the purchase of everyday things and then some wonderful intangible benefit as priceless. It is effective because it places a high value on the things that matter most to the people- the precious moments and times in life which are invaluable and intangible.

A few weeks ago, we participated in the 24th annual 2013 Parade of Homes. As a member of the Lakeland Builders Association, I am proud to say that these ten homes are some of the best that Wisconsin has to offer.